Wind Energy Combined Insurance Policy

Wind Energy Combined Insurance Policy
Coverage Description Property Covered Exclusions
Section 1: Material Damage If any of the Property insured described in Section 1 of the Schedule suffers Damage at the Location specified in the Schedule by any cause not excluded the Company will in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance pay to the Insured the amount of loss or at its option reinstate or replace such property Buildings and Wind Turbine Generators
-land, roads ,pavements, piers ,jetties, bridges culverts or excavations
– livestock growing crops or trees
– property located in offshore
Wind Turbine Generators including towers, foundations, electrical and mechanical plant and machinery and other trade equipment including computer installations used for controlling the wind turbines, interconnecting cables between the wind turbines up to the public grid connector excluding transformers and remote supervisory equipment external to the wind turbine tower.
a. Any fault or defect in design plan materials or specification.
b. inherent vice latent defect frost or change in water table level
c. faulty or defective workmanship
d. failure to adequately maintain the Property by the Insured
e. subsidence ground heave or landslip
f. occurring as a result of the construction demolition structural
alteration or structural repair of any property at the Location
g. commencing prior to the granting of cover under this Section of
the Insurance.
h. normal settlement or bedding down of new structures.
SECTION 2 Business Interruption If the Business carried on at the Location specified in the Schedule by the Insured is interrupted or interfered with in consequence of an Insured Event (as defined below) the Company will pay to the Insured the amount of loss resulting from such interruption or interference. loss of Gross Profit due to (a) Reduction in Turnover and (b) Increase in Cost of Working a. shortage, destruction, deterioration of or damage to any materials or operating media necessary for conducting the Business.
b. any restrictions on reconstruction or operation imposed by a public authority.
c. alterations, additions, improvements, rectification of defects or faults or elimination of any deficiencies carried out during the repair or replacement of destroyed or damaged items.
d. non-availability of funds for the repair or replacement of destroyed or damaged items.
e. failure of the public electricity or gas or water supply or failure of the public effluent disposal services howsoever arising.
SECTION 3- Public Liability The Company will indemnify the Insured against Loss arising out of any claim or series of claims or notification of circumstance which is alleged to have or has caused Loss first made against the Insured during any Period of insurance and notified to the Company during or within 30 days after the expiry of the same Period of Insurance in respect of a) accidental Injury to persons b) accidental Damage to Property 1.Statutory liability arising under the Public Liability Insurance Act 1991 and Public Liability Insurance Rules 1991.
2.Liability caused by or arising from any Products after they cease to be in the custody or under the control of the Insured or any Employee other than food or drink for consumption on the Insured’s premises.
3.liability arising out of deliberate, wilful or intentional non-compliance with any Statutory provision.