Understand your Travel Insurance before you board your plane for a trip abroad

You would always like to be worry free when you are enjoying trip abroad. But at times, unforeseen events may be challenging & can put you in huge financial losses in the international territory.

It can put you in financial stress as you need to take care of expenses in foreign currency. As a matter of fact, you should buy overseas travel insurance policy before you start the journey.

Overseas travel insurance policies are also popularly known as International travel policy.

Travel insurance policies provides coverage for medical emergencies, total loss and delay of checked in baggage, hijack distress allowance, loss of passport, financial emergency assistance, personal liability, personal accident, trip cancellation, missed connection of flights etc.

Let’s have a look on few of the benefits offered by Insurance companies in their Travel insurance policies.

Flight delay compensation

Flight Delay due to bad weather conditions are compensated by Travel Insurance policy

Travel Insurance Policy compensated for delay in trip due to bad weather conditions. Delay usually up to 6 hours is usually considered for compensation.

Expenses for food & stay due to such delays are reimbursed to the insured under Travel insurance policy. Confirmation of such delay by Airport authority is required to claim this benefit.

Travel Insurance for Loss of Passport

When your passport is lost or stolen and you’re getting ready to leave and if you cannot get a replacement in time for your trip departure at such time travel insurance policy will provide you with expenses to deal with such an event.

Compensation for loss of passport is considered under the pre-departure trip cancellation benefit. Up to certain specified amount reimbursement of fees required for passport replacement is covered under this benefit.

Travel Insurance for Checked baggage

Travel Insurance Policy provides coverage for damages caused to any article as a checked baggage, only if intimated to Insurance Company earlier.

Policy shall reimburse for total loss of article caused by a carrier (i.e., airline, coach operator, ferry company etc.) up to the limits specified in the policy schedule.


Coverage for Trip Delay

Overseas Travel Insurance policy usually provides with the reimbursement for expenses incurred for food expenses in the event of the trip delay caused by severe weather conditions.

In the event of trip delay, Overseas Travel Insurance policy provides for reimbursement for meals and other expenses up to the amount stated in the policy, if the common carrier or any other party doesn’t provide the same.

Medical Check-up before opting for an Travel Insurance cover

For, higher age group individuals, insurers companies may ask for medical test before issuing the travel insurance policy.

In the absence of medical test reports insurance company may provide restrictive cover on the basis of good health declaration.

It is always advisable to undergo medical tests for having a comprehensive coverage for certain unpreventable circumstances that can cost you money, time and peace of mind during the trip.

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