TATA AIG Mediprime Product Benefits

TATA AIG – Mediprime – Product Benefits

Policy Name TATA AIG – Mediprime
1. Hospitalisation Expenses More than 24hrs of Hospitalisation Expenses
Room Rent as actuals
ICU as actuals
2. Pre Hospitalisation 30 days (if informed 5 days in advance its 60days)
3. Post Hospitalisation 60 days (if informed 5 days in advance its 90days)
4. Road Ambulance 2500/- per hospitalisation
5. Air Ambulance Not Covered
6. Day Care Procedures 140 Procedures
7. Out Patient Expenses Only in case of Detail treatment due to accident For SI 2/3/4lacs 5k, For SI 5/7.5/10lacs 500/-  upto 7500/-
8. Organ Donor Expenses: No restriction
9. Recovery benefit: Not Covered
10. Physiotherapy Expenses: Not Covered
11. Sum Insured Reinstatement Benefit: Not Covered
12. Ayurvedic & Homeopathic treatment Hospitalisation Expenses For SI 2/3/4lacs max upto 20k, For SI 5/7.5/10lacs max upto 25k
13. Maternity Expenses Not Covered
14. New Born Baby Cover Not Covered
15. Preventive Health Check Up 1% of SI, after Every 4 claim free yrs upto maxRs 5000
Add on Covers
Ancillary Expenses Benefit For SI 2/3/4lacs 300/- per day upto 9k, For SI 5/7.5/10lacs 500/- per day upto 7500/-
Personal Accident Benefit Not Covered
Critical Illness Benefit Not Covered
UW Guidelines
SI 2/3/4/5/7.5/10lacs
Age group 3months to 65yrs (proposer should be 18yrs)
Dependent Children covered upto 21yrs
Cumulative Bonus 10% for each claim free yr
Waiting periods
Initial waiting Period 30 Days for Hospitalisation
For Listed illness 2yrs
Pre Existing Diseases After 4yrs
Family Discount No
Add on Cover Discount No
Claim Free Renewal Discount No
Other Discounts if any No