Flight Delays due to Bad Weather conditions are compensated by Travel Insurance policies


Bad weather conditions may lead to flight delays due to which travelers are not able to fly on time. With the monsoon all set to trouble, flight delays due to bad weather conditions are expected to rise. Severe weather conditions keep the passengers stranded on airports though all possible measures are taken by airlines to … Read more

What are the coverages in an International Travel Insurance Policy


What are the major coverages in an International Travel Insurance Policy? What if I lose my passport? Many of us travel internationally with the purpose of business, office, leisure holidays, to look our relatives and other reasons. Whether travelling to a country we have already visited before or an unknown territory, there is always some … Read more

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim? -Things Customers Should Know


Nowadays people widely opt for a travel insurance policy while they leave the comfort of their hometown to travel internationally and domestically for various purposes like business, office work, holidays, meeting relatives and others. A travel insurance policy is a true travel companion and protects the policyholder from a wide range of unknown and unplanned … Read more