Wellness Benefits in Health Insurance

Wellness in Health Insurance

Rise in lifestyle diseases has made health insurance necessary for every individual. But does the health insurance policy suffice the worries of the individuals who are exposed to various risks in every walk of their life? Health insurance plays its role in an unfortunate event when hospitalization is needed, but what are the services which … Read more

Tobacco consumption and its impact on the cost of Health Insurance


Tobacco in any form is harmful to human body. Its consumption in various forms like, cigarette, chewing tobacco, snuff, cigar etc. is considered adverse in all health insurance policies. It is considered more adverse in life insurance policies, critical illness and disease specific products especially Cancer Policy & other indemnity & benefit policies offered by … Read more

What is Corona Rakshak Policy? – Why should Indians consider buying this policy?


Corona virus and the dread resulting from it has spread like a wildfire in the world across various continent and badly engulfed the entire planet earth. People of almost every country, religion, income group, colour and sect has got profoundly affected by the virus and the pandemic has taken lives of millions of people. The … Read more