Star Health Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Sr no. Benefits Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy -STAR Health
1 Who can take the Policy Any one from the age from the age of 60 and permits entry right up to the age of 75
2 Eligibility Any one from the age from the age of 60 and permits entry right up to the age of 75
3 Medical Examination  No pre-acceptance medical screening.
However medical examination will be done for those who declare adverse medical history. At present, 100% cost of such medical examination is borne by the company. Under all circumstances, the proposer will be intimated in advance about the need to undergo medical examination
4 Coverages
5 Section – A- Hospitalisation In-patient Hospitalization Cover
Hospitalization Cover: Room, Boarding and Nursing expenses at 1% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs.6000/- per day
ICU charges up to 2% of the sum Insured per day.
Surgeon’s fees, Consultant’s fees, Anesthetist’s and Specialist’s fees up to 25% of the sum insured per hospitalization.
Anesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre charges, Cost of Pacemaker etc up to 50%of the sum insured per hospitalization
6 Post-Hospitalisation: A sum equivalent to 7% of the hospitalization expenses incurred comprising of Nursing Charges, Surgeon / Consultant fees, Diagnostic charges, Medicines and drugs only subject to a maximum of Rs.5,000/- per occurrence towards post hospitalization medical expenses wherever recommended by the attending Medical Practitioner
7 Ambulance Charges Emergency ambulance charges for transporting the insured patient to the hospital up to a sum of Rs.600/- per hospitalization and overall limit of Rs.1200/- per policy period.
8 Cover for Medical Consultations as an Out Patient Cover for expenses incurred as an outpatient towards medical consultation in a network hospital up to the limits mentioned in the table given below with a limits of Rs.200/- per consultation. Payment under this benefit will not reduce the sum insured and is payable only when the policy is in-force.
Sum Insured Rs. Limit per policy period (Rs.)
1,00,000 –  NA
2,00,000 – NA
3,00,000 – 600
4,00,000 – 800
5,00,000 – 1000
7,50,000 – 1200
10,00,000  – 1400
9 Sublimits under the Policy Applicable
10 PED waiting period 12 months
11 Policy Term 1 year