Special Health Products

Sr No. Products name Name of the insurer Product / Add-on Coverages
1 Wellsurance Woman Policy TATA AIG Product Specially designed policy for women, provides coverage against critical illness (11 illnesses covered), In-Hospital Benefit For Accidents & In-Hospital Benefit For Sickness
2 Chola Specs Care Insurance Chola MS Product Coverage: If your Spectacles are accidentally damaged whilst in your possession during the Policy Period, this policy provides you the
Repair cover: This covers the cost of fixing or mending of the spectacles in order to bring it back to the working conditions. We will deduct 5% of the overall claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 50. This deductible is applicable to each and every claim.
Replacement Cover: If the spectacles are damaged beyond repair or the cost of the repair is more than 75% of the sum insured, We will indemnify you to the extent of Sum Insured, for buying of new spectacles, subject to the deductible as mentioned below.
3 Dengue Care Apollo Product Inpatient Benefits -Treatment arising from Dengue fever where Insured Person has to stay in a Hospital for more than 24 hours.
Out-patient Benefits { if NS1 (non-structural protein 1) is positive in result}
• Outpatient consultation by a general Medical Practitioner for treatment of Dengue fever.
• Outpatient diagnostic tests for Dengue fever
• Medicines purchased by the Insured Person from a pharmacy
• Medical Expenses for necessary medical treatment taken
4 Star Net Plus Star Health Product Coverage: HIV positive individuals, through Governmental agencies, NGOs and registered societies serving persons diagnosed as HIV.
Section 1(HIV Section)
Section 2(Medical Section)
Only one lump sum payment shall be provided during the Insured Person’s lifetime regardless of the number of treatments undergone by the Insured Person.
Sub limits:
Cataract surgery- Rs.20000/- in respect of one eye and Rs.30000/- in the entire policy period
Lithotripsy (Kidney stone removal) – Rs.20000/-
Tonsillectomy – Rs.7500/-
Cutting and Draining of Abscess – Rs.1500/-
Liver Aspiration – Rs.2000/-
Pleural Effusion Aspiration – Rs.2000/
Sclerotherapy – Rs.5000/-
5 Star Caner Care Gold (Pilot Product) Star Health Product Persons between the age of 5 months and 65 years, who have already been diagnosed with Cancer (Stage 1 or Stage 2) can avail this insurance.

Section 1(Lumpsum benefit)
When there is a recurrence / metastasis and / or a second cancer-
Sum Insured option for 3 lakhs & 5 Lakhs :1.5 & 2.5 lakhs
Section 2 (Indemnity Cove)
Surgical and Interventional Therapy
Sum Insured for 3 lakhs & 5 Lakhs :1 & 1.5 lakhs
Section 3 (Indemnity Cover)
Non Surgical and Non Interventional Therapy
Sum Insured for 3 lakhs & 5 Lakhs  ;50,000 & 100,000