Request Letter to Insurance Company for Insurance Policy Copy

This letter is regarding requesting the insurance company for a copy of the insurance policy. There are many reasons to request for a copy like misplacing the original one, getting torn or damaged, etc. Irrespective of the reason, it is wise to ask for a copy of an insurance policy at the earliest to avoid any confusion in the future.

Below mentioned is a sample letter to request the insurance company for insurance policy copy:

Sample letter for requesting duplicate insurance policy

_____________ (Receiver’s name)
_____________ (Insurance company name)
_____________ (Address)
Subject: request for Insurance Policy Copy
Respected Sir/Madam,
My name is _____________ (your name) and I have an Insurance policy of your company with a policy number – _______________ (mention policy number).
I am writing this letter to request a copy of my Insurance policy as the original document got __________________ (mention reason –
misplaced/stolen/damaged/torn etc.).
I request you to kindly issue a copy of the Insurance policy at the earliest to avoid any confusion in the future. I will be grateful for your support. Below mentioned are the details of my policy:
Name of the holder: ______________
Policy number: __________________
Date of issuance: DD/MM/YYYY
Registered contact cumber: ________________
I request you to please look into this matter at the soonest and do the needful. I am truly very grateful for your support.
Thank you,
(Your signature)

___________________ (your name)
__________________ (contact number)

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