Political Risk Insurance

Sr. No.  Cover Description Example
1 Expropriation of property Covers against a host country seizing a company’s development rights or facilities and its products for the host country’s own use Nationalisation, confiscation and creeping expropriations which result in a loss of the total investment.
2 (e.g., Bolivia issued a Supreme Decree which required producers to relinquish control of the production of hydrocarbons to the state oil and gas company)
3 Forced abandonment or forced divestiture Covers against the forced abandonment of assets due to political violence The abandonment of a company’s operations in a foreign country as a result of government advice to evacuate key personnel (e.g., Yemen)
4 Inconvertibility of currency Covers financial loss incurred by the insured when it cannot convert local currency or repatriate funds out of a territory. Note, the risk of currency fluctuations is excluded from the cover Discriminatory host government actions resulting in an inability to convert and transfer local earnings (e.g., restrictions on exchange of Venezuelan bolivars to U.S. dollars)
5 Consequential financial loss Cover miscellaneous financial losses incurred by the insured as a result of political actions affecting their interests Discrimination, embargos, licence cancellation or sanctions (e.g., sanctions impacting the ability to sell Russian assets)
6 Political violence Covers against the physical damage to property as a result of political risks and any consequential financial loss Politically motivated violence that results in property damage (e.g., Ukraine) and the associated business interruption
7 Non-repossession of an asset Covers the interest of a lender that has provided lease finance on an asset in the event that the lessee defaults under the loan and the asset cannot be repossessed, deregistered and resold in order to repay the outstanding debt Common in aircraft financing. Default can result in the aircraft being unable to be repossessed, deregistered and resold in the currency of outstanding debt
8 Trading risks Covers the financial losses incurred by the insured that relate to trade risks Import/export embargos and non-delivery of pre-paid goods