Want to Protect Your Car During Monsoon Here Are Few Add on Insurance Covers You Should Opt for

Approaching monsoon rains often means a respite from India’s sweltering heat. However, the rains also bring about headaches for car owners. Waterlogging, traffic jams and possible waterboarding in your vehicles are a few imminent problems that could adversely impact your vehicle during the monsoon. Unfortunately, many car owners find out the hard way that their basic car insurance policies do not cover any rain or other climate damage.

While a comprehensive policy will help you out in such situations, in most cases, car insurances only cover damages related to accidents. In addition, these policies do not cover damages that derive from force majeure – a term that refers to events like natural calamities and disasters.
To be fully protected in these situations, buying additional insurance covers for your vehicle is best. Here are some essential add-on insurance covers you should look at.



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