Unique Health Insurance Scheme Rolled Out by Kerala Govt for Govt Employees

The Kerala government’s “unique” health insurance scheme for providing coverage to its representatives, their dependents and pensioners will be implemented from July 1, state Finance Minister K N Balagopal said here on Thursday.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will officially launch the Medical Insurance Scheme for State Employees and Pensioners (MEDISEP), intended to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage to all serving state government employees and pensioners, at a function here tomorrow.

Talking to PTI, Balagopal said this also includes newly recruited employees and their families, in your free time contingent employees, part-time teachers, teaching, non-teaching staff of aided schools and colleges and their family and pensioners and their spouses and family pensioners on a compulsory basis, and all Civil Service officers serving under the Kerala government on an optional basis.



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