To Claim Life Insurance Money, Woman Kills Her Own Husband: Amritsar

A woman killed her husband in Amritsar to claim the insurance money. The husband had been unwell for a long time, which possessed caused a financial strain for the couple. To solve this, the wife killed her husband to claim the insurance money.

The episode has been reported from Bulara village in Amritsar’s Jandiala region where a lady, Narendra Kaur, accompanied her husband, Manjeet Singh, to Beas to purchase his medicine on, May 5. Later, the police found Manjeet’s dead body covered with blood.

During the investigation, it had been found that his wife was the prime suspect. The Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Sukhwinder Pal Singh, said, “During interrogation, Kaur admitted to her crime. She explained that the house was in shambles due to financial instability. All the money was going towards her husband’s treatment who had been unwell for years. Being truly a Life Insurance Company (LIC) agent herself, she knew that she could reap the benefits of her husband’s insurance money therefore, she killed him.”

He also added that she had murdered him by using a sharp weapon. The lady has been arrested and further investigation is in progress.


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