Seven Megatrends That Will Shape Our Society for 2 Decades

Our Future World revisits the groundbreaking 2012 report of the same name, exploring geopolitical, economic, social, technological and environmental forces worldwide and predicting their likely impact on Australia’s people, businesses and governments.

The megatrends recognized each has links to, or implications for, insurance.

Adapting to climate change

With natural disasters expected to cost the Australian economy almost three times more in 2050 than in 2017, CSIRO says we can expect to move into a more volatile climate characterized by unprecedented weather events.

“CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology predict that Australia is likely to experience more heat extremes and fewer cold extremes, longer and more serious droughts and fire seasons, continued sea level rises and ocean warming and acidification, prolonged marine heatwaves, and fewer, but more intense, cyclones in the compounding decades.”


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