Selling Final Expense Life Insurance Avoid These 6 Pitfalls

The insurance industry is vast, but among the most accessible niches to pursue is the final expense.

Leads are easy to come by, premiums are high, underwriting is simple, commissions are great, and you get paid within days. Nevertheless, you are dealing with a different type of prospect because of the difficulty of starting and successfully running your own business. There are several methods for getting tripped up, but if you can avoid these six pitfalls, you will soar above your competition.

Plug into The Matrix rather than pull a Neo
Final expense is one of those niches where you desire a system to plug into, a mentor to follow and a platform to replicate. Life insurance is made on a hierarchy for grounds. You will need an upline that has blazed the road before you. It would help if you had scripts, presentations, underwriting guides, objection rebuttals, etc.


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