Option for Motor Insurance for a Smooth Ride in the Monsoon

The monsoon rainfall has begun and thus has traffic jams, waterlogging and reduced visibility. While the rainy season is a beautiful time for a cuppa and a long drive, one must be overly cognisant of the vehicle’s safety. Assuming the condition of street accidents in India, the stats are alarming. According to a recent report by the World Bank, India only has 1% of the world’s vehicles but ranks the best in deaths by road accidents. The vulnerability of such risks only will get higher during the monsoon.

To protect vehicle owners against incidents, the law has made third-party motor insurance mandatory. For new vehicle owners, the standard orders a one-year comprehensive plus three-year third-party policy while purchasing a vehicle. In addition, the customer must purchase standalone damage (SAOD) policy in the second and third years. But this provides only a partial shield. An accident, particularly in slippery road conditions, could cause damage beyond that. Therefore, deciding on comprehensive insurance and upgrading the add-on riders ensures extended safety.



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