Motor Insurance Policy Getting Effected by LPG and CNG Kit Installation

With the increasing expenses petrol and diesel, demands for CNG and auto LPG kits are expanding. CNG and auto LPG are not only considered less expensive alternatives to conventional petrol and diesel, in any case they are greener and cleaner as well. This way, using CNG or vehicle LPG as fuel for the vehicle reduces fuel bills drastically for the vehicle owner, while at the same time they emit lesser pollutants to the environment.

While the factory fit CNG and auto LPG kits come available in several vehicles, the majority of the vehicle owner depend on aftermarket kit fitment. This comes as a onetime cost for many providing them efficient cost-effectiveness and reassurance.
However, the vehicle owner should also remember that changing the fuel technology of a car and any sort of mechanical changes made to the factory settings of a vehicle results in a significant change in the insurance policy.

At the point when a petrol or diesel vehicle gets retrofitted with a CNG or auto LPG kit, it should be endorsed in the vehicle registration certificate, which is issued by the state transport department. The documents that require to be submitted to the RTO include the existing RC book, insurance policy copy, invoice for LPG or CNG kit, KYC of the vehicle owner etc. Also, a form needs to become filled. The authorities approve the retro fitment after checking the documents and inspecting the automobile.


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