Indian Insurance Industry: Rise of Preventive Health Care

It is laid out that the requirement for a well-designed, comprehensive health insurance cover is a fundamental necessity in today’s times. Health insurance addresses tertiary care and covers the curative or remedial facet of health, and needs to have to be amended. Today, there exists a rising demand for preventive care and wellness proposition among’st the clients, which helps them acquire 360-degree health protection.

Amid the rush and hustle-bustle of the modern lifestyle, sadly healthcare is being neglected by many. In India, we are seeing an alarming rise in non-communicable diseases. As per the ASSOCHAM report titled ‘Non-Communicable Diseases in India,’ released in July 2021, more than 2/3rd of the individuals who will be suffering from NCD are between the ages band of 26-59 years. The report highlighted that NCDs increase after age 18 and show a quantum leap after the age of 35. To help curb these disturbing trends, the insurance industry is working passionately to create solutions that will assist pave a solid path toward a healthier India. A number of these health disorders happen to be a result of the present day-day, stressful, unhealthy overall lifestyle. To handle this matter two broad focus areas for insurers are offering wellness propositions to their customers and designing products that have the element of preventive care embedded.


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