India News – 73% of Insurance Buyers Option for Human Agent Instead of Buying Digitally

66% individuals are not comfortable purchasing health or term insurance digitally, through an online site or mobile application without working with a real person or agent. Additionally, over 67% people declined claim proceedings without a mediators. Health insurance and Term technology survey by, an insurance web aggregator, implies that only 29% individuals seemed absolutely comfortable buying insurance through a site or mobile app. The remaining were indifferent.

73% people are careful about if complete insurance process is reviewed by artificial intelligence without involvement of any human agent. However, 24% individual respondents are fine with a 100% AI plan.

Health and Term insurance agency are turning towards new technology to sell their insurance plans and offer seamless customers service to their clients. However the customers appear to be taking time in adopting these new technologies that remove any human intervention and invade their privacy, shows a survey.


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