Increasing Maternity Insurance Case in India

Motherhood is one of the greatest joys of a woman’s life. But this joy can be short-lived because of the rising cost of childbirth and healthcare inflation. While having a baby can be an exciting and a life-changing experience for a couple, the journey from conception to birth is often fraught with financial difficulties and complications.

India’s healthcare inflation has been refound at 18-20% annually. That is directly impacting maternity costs in urban cities. However, rural healthcare inflation can be up.

Today, childbirth costs anywhere from Rs 30,000 for standard delivery in a significant urban centre to Rs 80,000 in an upscale private hospital, or typically Rs 55000 at the least. On the other hand, cesarean births (C-sections), seemingly becoming typical, cost Rs 70,000-200,000 in private hospitals. Currently, 21.5% of all deliveries in India happen to be through C-sections. There were cases where private hospitals informed expectant mothers to be prepared for medical bills of Rs 150,000-200,000. The C-section rate in a few states is even higher than the national average. The prices, in either case, go up in the event of health difficulties for the mother and her newborn. Besides, childbirth expenses have risen in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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