Govt Insurance Beneficiaries Are Getting Denied on Private Hospitals in Chennai

Numerous private hospitals in Chennai have supposedly refused to provide dialysis to beneficiaries and their family members under the TN Government’s New Health Insurance Scheme.

According to official data, beneath the scheme, the state has 7.5 lakh beneficiaries who pay a monthly premium of 350 to ensure that they can avail cashless treatment at certain government and private (network) hospitals, which are the main insurance agreement.

Given the age, many of the beneficiaries suffer from renal issues and require dialysis at least twice weekly. Be that as it may, numerous private network hospitals here decline the treatment and refer them to government healthcare centers, say pensioners.

On an normal, it would cost 1,500 to 2,500 to go through dialysis at a private hospital. This implies that elderly people will conclude spending up to 2.5 lakh a year despite paying a monthly premium, said Smitha Sadasivan, a member of family of a pensioner who was denied dialysis at an exclusive hospital in Ambattur.


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