Factors to Consider Before Buying Car Insurance in India

In India, most Vehicle owners buy a insurance policy because it is legally compulsory. Most of the people do not compare car insurance coverage and base their buying decision totally on the low premium cost. This often leads to having insufficient coverage.

Purchasing car insurance must be given equal significance to buying a car itself. So, if you own a vehicle, you need to be aware of the several aspects of car insurance and analyze the various options available in market prior to making a purchase decision. Assuming you’re a first-time car insurance buyer, understanding the nuances of car insurance assist you with getting sufficient coverage and enjoy better benefits.

According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act and the Indian Road Safety Act, all vehicle owners should have third-party insurance. Driving without legitimate insurance is a punishable offence, and it could draw in a heavy fine. Thus, ensure that you have a insurance cover every single time you drive your vehicle.



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