Does Car Insurance Get Affected by Choosing Between Automatic and Geared Cars

While purchasing a car, one of the main factors to consider is whether to get an automated or manual vehicle. Although some people prefer automatic cars, others prefer manual geared cars. Whatever the transmission type, all vehicles will need car insurance, but does the transmitting type impact the insurance premium? Read further to understand if this affects the automobile insurance:

What Are the Types of Car Transmissions?

Before understanding how car transmissions impact car insurance, it is essential to know about the automobile transmission types. There are two types of communication, as stated below:

Manual Car Transmission
As the name suggests, these cars require the driver to manually shift gears by operating a gear stick and clutch to propel the car forward or backward. While some persons can comfortably drive manual cars, many think it is challenging to coordinate too many things simultaneously. On the other hand, manual cars are a fuel-efficient and low-maintenance option in comparison with automatic cars.

Automatic Car Transmission
A car with automated transmission has an onboard Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that guides the gearbox to move with little effort from the driver. This transmitting type does not require manual intervention and offers a hassle-free driving experience. At the same time, many new drivers prefer these cars because of their ease, like manual cars.


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