Damage Caused Because of Not Maintaining Requisite Temperature In Storage, Insured Not Entitled To Any Relief

The bench of the National Commission, comprising Justice Ram Surat Ram Maurya, has observed that the damage was caused as the Plan In-charge had failed to maintain the requisite temperature within the chambers where potatoes were stored. The commission observed that any harm to the stocks because of rising or fall in temperature due to stoppage of any section or parts of refrigeration plant and machinery is a General Exception of Deterioration of Stocks (Potatoes) Insurance Policy.

In this case, the insured was engaged in the cold storage business. Accordingly, the Insured obtained Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy, Machinery Insurance Policy, Fire Declaration Policy, and Deterioration of Stocks (Potatoes) INSURANCE COVERAGE, for Rs.106764000/- on Potatoes placed in the cold storage areas were becoming soft, and the pouch was leaking.



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