Cyber Vaultedge Insurance Plan Launched by SBI General

Fraudulent transactions on credit cards, debit cards, theft of personal information and other online frauds are increasing. For those looking to purchase an insurance policy against cyber threats, SBI General Insurance has sent off the Cyber VaultEdge insurance plan, a far comprehensive cyber insurance cover for individuals that protects against financial losses due to cyber risks and attacks.

Individuals exposed to cyber risks can buy this policy for themselves and their families. The family includes self, spouse, and two dependent children (up to 18 years of age).

Some of the prominent inclusions of the policy include theft of Funds, Identity Theft, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking and Loss of Reputation, Cyber Shopping, Online shopping, Social Media and Media Liability, Network Security Liability, Privacy Breach and Data Breach Liability, Smart Home Cover between others.


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