Closing the Gender Gap in Insurance Adoption and Awareness : International Women’s Day 2022

For a really long time, the female share of the population inside our nation has been under-addressed across several verticals. Insurance, which includes traditionally been an under penetrated area in India, witnesses an even lower adoption rate amongst ladies consumers.

In a nation where women constitute 49% of the full total population, the need for their financial protection rises manifold. This holds even truer because their role has been constantly evolving now, their contribution to the society and economy ranges from being a nurturer to the breadwinner.

While there’s still a long way to pick women consumers to be sufficiently insured, the current patterns most certainly guarantee a more promising future ahead. Women today are shaping the near future with their enormous commitment to the family, society and country. It’s significant they take charge of their financial safety and future too. They are the strongest pillar of the economy, and thus need more powerful safety net as well.


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