Along With Corporate Health Plan Apply for Additional Personal Insurance Policy

Employees working in almost all reputed organizations take corporate-sponsored group health found insurance for granted. So much so, that if you are employed in a big corporation, the inherent assumption is you don’t need to maintain a separate personal health insurance coverage. This certainly approach demands to be revisited for several reasons.

An individual health insurance plan has a long holding period ranging from one to four years. During this period, the specified exclusions and pre-existing ailments aren’t covered. If you buy an individual plan, while still being included in your employer, then you would involve some active coverage as the waiting period lapses.

Personal health insurance plans offer a No Claim Bonus in the number of 10-50 percent. While you are covered in the group policy, small claims could be filed there. This might help you accumulate a No Claim Bonus and boost your effective coverage beneath the personal health plan.


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