What are the coverages in an International Travel Insurance Policy

What are the major coverages in an International Travel Insurance Policy? What if I lose my passport?

Many of us travel internationally with the purpose of business, office, leisure holidays, to look our relatives and other reasons. Whether travelling to a country we have already visited before or an unknown territory, there is always some doubt in our mind about the unwanted and unforeseen bad situations we may face travelling or while staying abroad. While staying abroad there can be a theft of cash or valuables, documents lost, a medical emergency, an accident, any personal liability and others which can make us financially worried.

While travelling also there may be bad experiences with the airline like loss of checked baggage, trip delay, flight cancellation to name a few for which the traveler deserve compensation. Some of the experiences mentioned above not only mentally harasses but can present a severe monetary incompetency specially when we have limited cash and resources in a not so familiar place.

Here again and as usual insurance comes to rescue us! Travel insurance is an insurance policy designed keeping in mind majority of such unpredictable bad situations one can face travelling abroad. Being covered under such an insurance policy can be of great help while travelling through an airline or staying abroad.

It will cover us for the whole duration of our travel and can be easily purchased online and before we leave our home to our dream destination, in a few hundred or thousand bucks depending upon the age of the traveler and sum insured opted. After purchasing the policy and for our peace of mind we should be knowing that what all is specifically covered in the travel insurance and how it will help us in a unpleasant situation.

Herein in this article we will help you understanding the various sections covered and a few points to note while dealing with the insurance travelling abroad.

  • Emergency medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation will be covered and is the most prominent coverage of travel insurance. Emergency hospitalization in a foreign country can cost a fortune and swipe out our lifetime savings in one go. Travel insurance policies provide coverage in US dollar with a minor deductible. Sum insured can be as high as 500,000 USD or may be even more than that with cashless facility available for claim. This coverage can be a life and pocket savior both and is a must to have for travelers going abroad. Some travel policies may provide daily cash for per day hospitalization and emergency dental pain relief cover as a part of medical expense sum insured.


  • Yes, Loss of passport will be covered and the insurer will pay the required fee for reissuance of passport expenses.


  • Personal accident and Personal liability are two important coverages. Whether you are injured in an accident, bodily injure anyone or damage the property of others, insurance will provide cover in both cases. Mind you, that such personal liability cases can cost you a lot in foreign countries. Accidental death and disability while travelling through a common carrier is also payable under the policy.


  • Travel insurance will also help with an emergency cash assistance in case of theft, burglary while staying abroad. This is generally an assistance service where insurer co-ordinates with the relatives of the traveler in India and help him abroad at distress times by providing cash up to sum insured.


  • In both of the situations of loss of checked in baggage or delay in baggage the insurer will pay an amount for help. In case of any of the above situation an airline letter showing the loss or delay can be used for claiming the amount. In case of delay in baggage an amount to buy the necessary items is provided whereas loss of checked in baggage has a comparatively higher coverage available.


  • An amount will be reimbursed for delay in flight after specified hours also called as time deductible. For trip cancellation due to a death, injury or sickness of insured’s family member, travel charges are reimbursed by the insurer.


  • In the absence of insured and no one present at insured’s home in India and in case of home burglary insurer will pay the damage and loss up to specified sum insured in rupees.


In addition to the above covers mentioned there may be some additional covers in your policy.

The best part of travel insurance is that all the insurers selling such policies in India has a corporate tie-up with expert assistance providers operating in foreign countries who helps by all means the traveler in case of an emergency or a claim.

These assistance providers are professionals who have a good know how of abroad destinations and claim circumstances and can be of immense help to the traveler facing a difficult situation away from home. Thus, in addition to the protection of insurance covers, by purchase of a travel policy and paying a few thousand rupees we can ensure an expert helping hand during the whole travel and stay tenure abroad.

After purchasing an online travel policy, one should pay attention to the benefit box which lists out the coverage sections with section wise sum insured and deductibles. One should also keep handy the contact number and address of the assistance provider and agents of the insurer to get speedy claim assistance.

In case of any doubt or consultation required one should immediately call the insurer customer care and clarify before starting for the travel itself.

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