Letter to Insurance Company for Surrendering a Insurance Policy

This letter is written when you wish to surrender your Insurance Policy for any reason like financial issues. Make sure to write a letter to the company with all the important details that will help them do the needful at the earliest.

Below mentioned is a sample letter to the Insurance Company for surrendering Insurance Policy:

Sample letter for surrendering insurance policy

The Manager,
_________________ (Name of Insurance Company)
_________________ (Address of the Insurance Company)


Subject: Surrendering Insurance Policy (insurance policy number)

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am _____________ (your name) holding an insurance policy having policy number ________________(policy number) from your company ( insurance policy company name).

All the premiums are paid till date and due to_____________________ (mention the reason of surrender), I would like to surrender my policy.

I request you to please consider this letter as a formal request for surrendering my insurance policy. Please feel free to get in touch with me for any required formalities to complete the process.

Request you to consider this matter urgent and complete the procedure at the earliest.

Thank you


_________________ (your signature)
_________________ (your name)

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