How to Write Insurance Job Cover Letter? – Tips & Sample

Covers letters are part of your job application and is sent with a resume or curriculum vitae to the prospective employer.

It will typically be a one-page document that will explain to the hiring manager and human resource team that why you are the ideal candidate for the job and if your personality and attitude matches to the opening position.

If a cover letter is written properly then it is a great chance for a candidate to showcase his suitability and interest for the vacancy and impress the employer which extends the chances of getting the job.

It is a matter of importance to write the both the cover letter and the resume precisely and clearly to impress the viewer at first sight and make the chances of getting an interview call stronger.

Beyond any doubt insurance is the backbone of economies and respective governments also promote the mechanism to mitigate the risk the nation faces at many fronts. Insurance sector in India is often called the sunrise industry.

On account of various factors like low insurance penetration and density in comparison to many other countries in the world it is believed that in this country the sector offers enormous potential and a huge gap which needs to be filled.

This is the reason many foreign big players have opened up joint ventures with private sector desi companies to tap the potential this sector is going to present.

Although there is a good demand, one other perennial problem that the insurance industry in our country is facing is shortage of skilled manpower to drive the technical and non-technical roles of the insurance companies.

Whatever role is there in an insurance company may be sales, underwriting, claims, operations or any other, it will require at least the basic knowledge of the subject and risk management.

Nowadays many educational and training institutes have understood this problem and come up with specialized management degrees, other courses and certifications to prepare a set of skilled work force which may serve various department in the companies pertaining to this sector.

Many youngsters and students have now started pursuing these courses and are making up their mind to join the insurance industry and move forward in its various challenging fields.

Doctors, engineers, layers, actuaries all are serving successfully at a wide range of roles in insurance firms.

In this article we will discuss five points to write a great cover letter and present a short sample cover letter for insurance agents.

How to Write Insurance Job Cover Letter?

  • Write a separate cover letter for each job you apply which must be short and precise
  • Showcase for skills and right experiences and do not exaggerate things, you may also apologize for the missing experiences if any.
  • Emphasize more on problem solving attitude than educational background
  • Include a few stats like 25% sales growth, making a process 30% more efficient etc. at any of your last job.
  • Include testimonials

Sample job cover letter for Insurance sales

Date – 04-08-2021
Hiring Manager Name

Dear (Hiring manager name)

My name is __ and I saw your job listing on yesterday for the post of insurance sales manager in your esteemed organization. I am keen to apply for this position as my experience and skills perfectly matches for the same. Interacting with and persuading customers for insurance purchase is my passion and it was great to know that your firm also specializes in providing customer delight and keeps the same on top priority.

I have an experience of 8 years focused into general insurance sales and received numerous accolade and testimonial from my customers and clients. Major classes of business I have dealt with in my past roles are property (Fire and engineering), Marine and Motor insurance which exactly matches your requirements. Although I have bit lesser experience in selling home insurance products.

In my last organization in only 6 months of joining I have exceeded my sales targets for property insurance by over 35 % and has received star performer of the quarter two consecutive times. I have an experience of handling both large corporate and MSME clients. There are many high net worth clients whom I have handled in the past and successfully solved their insurance requirements and also providing exceptional assistance at the time of claims which helped building my rapport strong with them.

I recently read in newspaper that your company is investing and planning to build a customer base in Jaipur. I am well known to this city as I have completed my post graduate in management in sales and marketing from ABC College which is a reputed one locally. Also, I am well versed with the local city areas and the local language which is an added advantage for me to build up an excellent relationship with the client and bring more new business retaining the older ones.

I share a great relation with my seniors and colleagues as well in my current company. Everyone say that I am a very helpful and knowledgeable person whose company they enjoy very much. Kindly let me know if you need some references, I will be more than happy to provide the same.

It would be great to meet in person for a face to face interview. Please let me know in advance if you want to conduct the same, I can be available any day during the office hours.

Yours Sincerely

Your Name


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