Sample Insurance Claim Letter for Accident of Bikes

Motor insurance is the bestselling insurance product in our country in terms of premium volume and number of policies sold, although health insurance has also gained fast pace in the last decade and is now perceived as a necessity by common people in the wake of the global pandemic faced by the world in the last years.

The reason for motor insurance still being number one not merely goes to the mandatory nature of third-party liability insurance but also to the increasing number of road accidents and mishaps taking place all around. Motor third party insurance is a no-fault liability insurance that is mandatory for any form of vehicle whether it may be two-wheeler, four-wheeler or commercial vehicle plying on Indian roads.

With the huge development in the standard of city roads and national highways in our country and modern latest cars coming in we have also seen increasing number of accidents which have increased the importance of both third-party and own damage motor insurance.

To reiterate own damage section of the policy covers the vehicle from a wide range of natural and man-made perils which in absence of the policy may give a blow to your pocket and disturb your monthly budget.

As mentioned in the paragraph above with the increasing number of accidents and the resulting increment in dependence on motor insurance policies, insurers are seeing a surge in motor insurance claims as well.

Although modern age insures have devised many innovative and high-tech ways of registering the claim, some of them are uploading a video, calling the toll-free number or use the internet portal of the insurer with different functionalities.

These features are new age which almost goes well with tech-savvy and digital-friendly customers, the claimant in every case necessarily not is the same.

There may be cases where a farmer wants to register a claim for a commercial vehicle from a rural part of the country where he may not be well versed with the computer and also may not understand and speak common languages used by the toll-free customer care executive.

For this and many other similar cases writing a claim intimation letter in one’s preferred language is still a popular way to writing insurers giving information about the claim incident.

Considered as an old-fashioned way by many, this is still an authentic way which in cases may prove helpful and ease a lot of to and fro communication from both sides.

In this present article, we will write a sample claim intimation letter informing the insurer about a bike accident. The reader may take this letter as a guide and endeavor to write similar intimation letters informing their particular case to insurance companies.

Sample Insurance Claim Letter for Bike Accident


The Manager
Claims department
HANS Insurance Company,
138 C, Corporate House, Killa street, Chennai 400001


Intimating the insurance claim for my two wheeler (Registration number CH04GH6655) which is covered under Motor insurance (Product UIN – AASG56XXVW and Policy Number 1884600741) with policy period 03-06-2021 to 02-06-2022, regarding accident on 02-12-2021 with a car (registration number CH01GH2582) as per details provided below.


Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you and bring to your kind attention that I met with a serious accident on 02-12-2021, Thursday at 6:30 PM while returning from my office at T nagar when an uncontrolled car hit me from front. I was driving my Honda CBR bike at the time of incident with a pillion rider who is my office colleague. Both of us have sustained minor injuries for which we have already received treatment from a registered medical practitioner.

To elaborate the incident me and my friend who works in the same office with me was returning back to our hostel located in Thali road via XYZ road, we were crossing a single lane street named as ABC market when a Maruti Swift car who was trying to avoid a car parked at the side of the road got uncontrolled and hit us unknowingly that we are coming from front. Both the vehicle was luckily at normal speeds which helped in averting any serious damage to both vehicles and passengers therein. Even then my bike is not in a driving condition and I am unable to use it since that day.

As I was injured and not able to take the vehicle to repair it is still standing in the parking area of my hostel. I intend to lodge a cashless claim with your company and get the bike repaired at the authorised Honda service centre Thali road which is quite near to my place of residence. For this purpose I am attaching herewith all the necessary documents, so that I can get this cashless claim settled at the earliest.

It is a request that kindly go through the contents of this letter and the attached supporting documents and send your surveyor to the Honda service centre so that I can get the bike repaired. For your information I will get the bike towed to the service centre tomorrow morning so that you can directly survey it there. Request your quick response on this issue as without the bike it is considerably difficult for me to attend office. For this I shall remain highly obliged to you.

Yours Truly

Mr. Rajneesh
ABC Hostel, NA Road, T nagar West, Chennai 400091

Mobile – 90000000009
Email –

Documents attached:

  1. Bike registration copy
  2. Driving Licence copy
  3. Policy copy
  4. Aadhar card


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