Indemnity Health Insurance Products

Benefits Family Plus-Royal Sundaram Health companion – Max Bupa Chola Tax Plus Healthline-Chola MS
Sum Insured (in Lakhs) Individual Base Sum Insured  –    Rs.2lacs, Rs.3lacs, Rs.5lacs, Rs.10lacs, Rs.15 Lacs
Floater Sum Insured                –    Rs.3lacs, Rs.4lacs, Rs.5lacs, Rs.10lacs, Rs.15Lacs,Rs20 lacs, Rs25 lacs & Rs 50 lacs.
Individual & Floater base Sum Insured – 2 – 100lakhs Rs.1/2/3/4/5 Lakhs
Policy Type Individual and Family Floater combined, Individual Sum Insured has to be same for all members Individual / Family Floater Individual / Family Floater
Entry age Minimum: 18 Years
maximum: No restriction
Children above 91 days can be covered
For children – 91 days
Minimum: 18 years
Maximum: No restriction
Entry age is 18 to 65 years
dependent children (3 months to 35* years)
*35 years for dependant female child and 25 years for dependant male child
Policy Term 1, 2, 3 years 1 and 2 years
Relationship members covered under one policy 20 Relationships can be covered under both individual plans Max members – 6
Maximum Adults – 4
Maximum Children – 2
Self, Spouse and upto 3 children
Inpatient Treatment Covered Covered Covered
Room Rent-1% of Sum Insured (SI) Per day,Room Rent – ICU- 2% of SI Per day,
Day Care Procedures Covered Covered Covered
Pre-Hospitalisation 60days 30days Up to 60 days, Maximum 5% of Claim
Post-Hospitalisation 90days 60days Up to 90 days, Maximum 10 % of Claim and up to Rs. 50,000
Domiciliary Treatment Covered Covered NA
Organ Donor Covered Covered Covered
Ambulance Covered with the sublimit of 4000 per hospitalization Rs.3,000 per hospitalization
Dental Treatment in case of Accidents Inpatient Accidental Dental Treatment is covered Not covered Covered
AYUSH Benefit Government Hospitals :Covered upto Sum Insured. Other Hospitals: Covered upto Rs. 30,000 Covered Not Covered
Daily Cash for accompanying an Insured child Not covered Not covered
Vaccination (in case of Post Bite Treatment) Vaccination in case of animal bite: upto 5000 rs. and in case of new born baby are covered: upto 15000 rs. Vaccination in case of animal bite
Out-Patient Treatment Cover after waiting period of 3 years OPD Treatment is not covered • Expenses of treatment of injury / illness incurred without hospitalisation.
• Pre & Post natal expenses
• Expenses on all pre existing diseases
• All dental treatments
• Treatments under Allopathy and any system of Indian medicine (other than naturopathy) are covered.
• This section also covers costs of spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, prosthetic appliances, etc., supported by prescriptions of a Doctor / Medical Practitioner.
• This section also extends to cover all deductibles under a valid claim made under Section-1 of this policy which may arise due to imposition of sub-limits
a) Out-patient Consultation
b) Diagnostic Tests
c) Dental Treatment
d)Spectacles, Contact Lens, Hearing Aids
Convalescence Benefit Not covered Covered NA
Maternity Expenses Medical Expenses for the delivery of a child where atleast two adult members are covered, after a waiting period of 2 years, subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,000 per Covered NA
New Born Baby cover NA
Restore Benefit NA
Cover for People Suffering from HIV Not covered NA
Cumulative Bonus Increase in SI by 20% per insured per policy year upto maximum of 100% 5% of Sum Insured every claim free year subject to maximum of 50% of Sum Insured
Health Check-up Coupon Annual Health Check up available Annual Health Check up available NA
Dial a Doctor Not covered Not covered na
Health Educational Library for People(HELP) Not covered Not covered na
Second Option Second opinion for critical illness covered Not covered na
Specialist Consultation with Two follow up session NA Not covered na
Wellness Package Provide various preventive healthcare & wellness related activities like health related articles, access to various preferred health maintenance network to maintain your health status. NA Covered
Newsletter NA na
Personal Accident NA na
Critical Illness Covered upto SI NA na
Hospital Daily Cash Hospital Cash (For 30 Days in case of
Hospitalisation Beyond 2 Days): Rs.2000 Per day
NA na
Sub limits Applicability NA NA Yes
Treatment only in tiered Network NA NA na
Family Discounts on Individual Sum Insured Basis NA NA na
Long Term Discount NA 12.5% on 2nd year na
Pre-existing diseases 36 Months 36 Months 48 month
Specified Diseases 24 Months
Other benefits NA