How to file death insurance claim with Life Insurance Company?

Letter for death claim intimation to the life insurance Company

Life is an uncertain event and no one knows the time and date they have to leave this planet leaving behind their loved ones.

In the situation of untimely death of the primary earning member of the family the whole family comes under a lot of financial pressure and related stress. During the lifetime of an individual it is one wish of theirs that even after demise of them their family members should be strong enough financially to meet their daily needs and fund important events of life like education and marriage.

For everyone it is not possible to accumulate wealth and build an estate during the early days of their carrier so that even if such a misfortune happens anytime the financial goals of the family is achieved.

Exacerbating the situation nowadays young adults to improvise the lifestyle and fulfil their dreams take loans and pay back in easy monthly instalments up to old ages mostly till retirement. Not being adequately insured against their own life may present devastating financial challenges in case of untimely death and disability which is now truer than ever in light of the pandemic situation going on in the entire world.

Increasing number of road accidents also make this argument stronger. In addition to health and general insurance companies, life insurers in the recent past has paid a huge amount in wake of corona virus death claims as stipulated in its guidelines by the Indian market regular IRDAI.

Life insurance is a very popular product and perceived as a necessity among every family in India with a major chunk of business with the one and only public sector life insurer name as Life insurance Corporation of India (LIC), although private sector is catching up quickly with its innovative product design, quick claim settlement turnaround time and customer service.

There can be various different types of products in life insurance segment for instance, pure term life plans, endowment plans, unit linked insurance plans and annuity plans. As the title of this article suggests we will present below a sample letter for death claim intimation to the life insurer.

As we know letter writing is still a very popular way of official communication especially in insurance matters as it presents a detailed description of the incident and physically presents collective documentation needed for insurance claim settlement.

Even in this digital era, claim intimation to life insurance Company through the method of physical documents submission has not subsided nor will it be the case in near future.


Claims manager,

ABC Life insurance company of India Limited,

Corporate office – XYZ Road, SRX Nagar, Mumbai 400012

Subject: Intimation of death claim under term life insurance product named Jeevan Suraksha (UIN No – 3466712489XX) Policy Number 759380XX

Dear Sir,

I am informing you with a very heavy heart that my father Mr. ABCDEF has passed away on 7th of October 2021 morning 9:20 am in a road accident. On the morning of 7th while going to his bank from our home as usual, where he was working as a senior manager, his scooter was hit by a fast moving truck from backwards on ABC expressway resulting in his on the spot death.

Although he was protected by appropriate head gear he succumbed to his internal injuries then and their only. I rushed to the spot called the ambulance and tried admitting him to a nearby hospital while unconscious, the doctor declared him dead on arrival.

The whole incident has been recorded in CCTV camera installed in the highway which we were able to retrieve by the help of local police authorities and a copy of recording has already been shared with your claims team after having discussion with them.

At the time of death he was 58 years of age and just two years away from his retirement. After this sad incident our whole family is in a state of complete shock and despair. We were a family of three, my elder sister being married 7 years ago who is residing in Mumbai only and my father was the only earning member of the family. I am in my final year of mechanical engineering and I and my mother DEF Devi are nominees under the policy with a share of 50 percent each. Policy copy enclosed herewith for reference.

We thus request your esteemed insurance company in these difficult times to settle the death claim amounting rupees 50 Lakh so that the financial turmoil on our family due to this untimely demise can be mitigated a bit. We are enclosing all documents as mentioned below for your ready reference. Please look into the matter and let us know if any further information or documents are required from our end in this case. For this I shall remain highly obliged and grateful to you.

List of Documents enclosed:

  1. Policy copy
  2. Claim form duly filled and signed
  3. Death certificate by the local municipality
  4. NEFT mandate form duly filled and signed
  5. CCTV footage of the incident (shared over mail dated 09-10-2021)
  6. Aadhar card copy of my Late father, me and my mother
  7. PAN card copy of my Late father, me and my mother
  8. Cancelled cheque copy of joint account of me and my mother

Yours Truly,


07, Central Zone, AKSHG Society

Near YRXC Hospital Trusts

Mumbai 4909090

Mobile – 9000099976

Email –


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