Home exercises without Gym instructors or Personal trainers

Machine workouts are beneficial for bodybuilders to enhance their muscles and for rehabilitation purposes for recovering from injury. Installing machines at home to improve body shape and tone is expensive matter with space constraint at home, while machine workout at home without training carries the risk of injuries. If you could not find out the way to start your routine exercises in a gym, follow below tips & stay fit by performing simple exercises at home.


Workout without equipment: Finding time for fitness is tough, but workout at home and in surrounding could provide the answer. It is not always necessary to get the costly membership of fancy gyms and fitness centres to get your body in shape and tone. Even using your body weight can shape up your body without help of any equipment. Push-ups, chin-ups, squats, crunches, dips and planks are some of the exercises that work on core muscles and help improve strength. Workouts at home and surrounding should be performed in right manner and with variation. Here, are few tips which will help you start workout with a gym, thus saving on your pocket.


Benefits of consistency in exercise: Whatever we do in our life isn’t achieved unless we work on it consistently day in and day out. Same principle is applicable for daily exercise. Being consistent in your routine home exercises helps you to yield faster benefits like, weight loss, improved level of fitness and stamina, improvement in bone density, improvement in immunity to fight infections & illnesses & enhanced mood for the complete working day.


Tone your legs with Squats: Squat is a kind of exercise that benefits both upper and lower body. To get essential benefits from Squats one has to add variations in this exercise. Squat tones up butt apart from shedding leg fat. This butt toning & butt shedding of lower limb muscle exercises can be done easily at home as it is easy to perform exercise without special training. Hence, perform Squats daily if you are looking to tone up your lower body with a butt toning.


Tone up your muscle groups with calisthenics: Calisthenics are the kind of exercises that can be done anywhere and are popularly called as “no equipment exercises”. Calisthenics exercises are done utilizing body weight against resistance of gravity. This kind of exercise brings multiple muscle groups to work together and burns more calories compared to gym exercises. Calisthenic exercises can be done as per your comfort and time anywhere in home without use of any costly instrument or gym equipment. Hence, if you are looking to enhance the tone and definition of muscle groups along with burning of calories perform calisthenic exercises daily at home.


Losing weight with wearable weights: Common types of wearable weights are wrist and ankle weights. This technique of exercise if often used by runners to enhance their running performance in terms of economy & to major efforts taken to sustain oxygen.  It is possible you can lose your weight quickly if you try out with wearable weights eventually burning comparatively more calories. Apart from burning excess calories, wearable weights also tone up muscles, improve stamina for exercises and improve endurance. Wearable weights add versatility to your ongoing workout regime.


Weight management with Power walking: Power walking is the pattern of walking done at a sturdy and energetic pace. This exercise comprises extended arm movements, brisk & wide footstep. Power walking has a comparable speed as that of jogging which provides good aerobic kind of exercise. As natural walking is what derives power walking, it places less strain on body, muscles & joints that what running does. Weight management & mood boost for the complete day if done daily early morning are some of the major benefits of power walking apart from this it enhances health by reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar & other health issues.


Benefits of Jogging in the morning: Jogging is always considered as great alternative to running. Early morning jogging sessions help not only to lose the weight & improve cardiac fitness but also lengthen your life by preventing you from affecting from various sickness & help mental state. Morning jogging makes you feel active throughout the day. Jogging specifically in morning is beneficial as you are well-rested and burn more calories and fat on an empty stomach. Apart from losing weight, jogging early morning exposes you to sunlight which protects you from various skin diseases & help aid Vitamin D intake.


Upward plank pose benefits: If you are looking to strengthen your arms, wrists and legs then upward plank position could prove the best for you. In this pose, you draw on the strength of the core and leg muscles, as well as the support of the shoulders beneath the heart.  Beginner can practice this posture with the support of a chair. This exercise is helpful in improving flexibility, building strength. It calms the mind and improves energy levels.


Overcome, Cardiovascular diseases with daily routine exercises: Various established Organisations has provided a scientific link between physical fitness and cardiovascular diseases. To ward off heart diseases, simple routine exercises like, yoga, cycling, walking, running and swimming.


Beginners should avoid high intensity workouts: High intensity training really works for many however it isn’t always the best method if your diet and ongoing workout schedule does not support it, though it being a popular trend in the fitness world. High intensity workouts are linked with lot of benefits like, burning calories in quicker duration but the beginners should not push it too hard, as it can cause injuries. Care has to be taken by the beginners to modify workouts as needed and to complete every move.


Benefits of Yoga and meditation for Physical and mental health: Energizing morning yoga and meditation works as a natural stimulant to start your refreshing day. Yoga exercises performed early morning at home makes you flexible and breathing exercises energize, stimulate and clear your mind. So, practicing yoga & meditation renders agility and stability to the body, improves digestion, help people suffering from chronic respiratory disorders, improves blood circulation, controls and balances hormonal system etc.


Lose weight with healthy diet: Last but not least, here are few tips to be fit while you are performing your daily home exercises. Do not skip breakfast, eat regular meals and plenty of water, cut back on sugar and starches, add protein food, fruits and veg in your lunch and dinners, skip junk food and eat high-fibre foods and cut down on alcohol & smoking. Get a good night’s sleep, every night. Live healthy life!