Flight Delays due to Bad Weather conditions are compensated by Travel Insurance policies

Bad weather conditions may lead to flight delays due to which travelers are not able to fly on time. With the monsoon all set to trouble, flight delays due to bad weather conditions are expected to rise. Severe weather conditions keep the passengers stranded on airports though all possible measures are taken by airlines to avoid flight delays. Airlines usually do not have control over circumstances arising out of bad weather conditions & are not obliged to reimburse passengers for any expenses due to such delays.


Flight delay compensation guidelines in India: New compensation guidelines for delayed flights, has made it mandatory for airlines to pay travelers a compensation of up to Rs 10,000/- earlier which was Rs 4,000/- for delays beyond two hours. However, Airlines are not obligated to pay compensation in conditions not under their control like; Political volatility & civil strife, delays caused by the air traffic control, strikes, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters & terror activities.


Due to such unavoidable circumstances, passengers are not generally entitled to compensation. Travel insurance is the only way passengers can ensure their losses are compensated on account of flight delay. Travel insurance policies provide coverage for such delays.


Flight delays due to weather issues make the travel insurance policy holders eligible for compensation, usually if delay is more than 2-3 hours to 12 hours and rest of the policy terms and conditions being met. In such circumstances, passengers end up spending lot of money out of their pockets on stay, food and other expenses.


Insurance Companies reimburse travel insurance policy holders for the incidental costs up to specified amount (lump sum) for expenses incurred by policy holders for meals, accommodations and other out-of-pocket expenses which airlines would not have been able to compensate.  All such claims are to be supported by a confirmation from the Airline authority providing reason and duration of said delay.


Deductibles for flight delay compensation: Deductibles varies from Insurance company to company & plan opted under such policies. It starts from two-three hours, which means that if insured’s flight is delayed for two hours and above, he is entitled to get the specified Sum Insured subject to fulfillment of policy terms and conditions. The deductible in respect of benefit under flight delay will be applicable for each separate claim.  Insured needs to produce required proof for claim settlement, establishing the reason for delay in trip.


Travelers must opt for best Travel Insurance Policy available in market. Apart from covering hospitalization & medical emergencies, travel insurance policy also provides coverage for flight delays reducing your stress & worry about bad weather conditions, especially when you plan to travel during monsoon season.


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