Construction Contracts – Bond Insurance – Professional Indemnity Insurance

“Construction Contracts – Bond Insurance – Professional Indemnity Insurance”

Report on recent training – October 2020 – Organized by Cambodia Re, Phnom Penh.  (For media release)

Cambodia Re, one of the leading reinsurance companies in the Indo-Chinese region, hosted a two day virtual training program for their key cedants. The event was held within their office in Phnom Penh but the facilitator presented live from Singapore.

The session which was run on the Zoom platform saw some 35 odd participants from 14 cedant companies and the Cambodian regulator, Insurance & Pension Department under the Ministry of Economy & Finance (MEF) attending this technical topic entitled

 “An interactive VIRTUAL workshop on Construction Contracts &  Risk Aspects.”

The facilitator for the two days was Mr Pooba Mahalingam (Regional Risk Consultant) from Talent Asia Training and Consulting, a well-established risk and insurance advisory outfit based in Singapore serving the region.

This online training was designed with a prime objective of sharing case studies, clauses and wording relating to Construction Contracts, the Bond Insurance issues like conditional terms and collateral and some interesting scenarios for Professional Indemnity coverage.

These were shared to provide a better understanding of engineering design aspects, project development practice and policy coverage issues to the participants.

Pooba managed to keep the participants engaged with this interesting slides and “virtual white board” presentation of engineering aspects of risk and insurance. He addressed the policy wordings, common endorsement disputes and industry best practice to enhance the learning. Virtual break-out sessions (which was a first time for many of the participants) was equally engaging where the audience were given time to work on establishing technical solutions to construction contract and risk issues.

Mr Vatharo Huy,  Managing Director of Cambodia Re who officiated the session on 19 October 2020 briefly spoke to the participants and thanked them for joining this technical learning arranged during this post pandemic period. He assured them that Cambodia Re is continuing to serve the clients despite the global pandemic situation. Mr Huy also mentioned that Cambodia Re will continue to engage with Clients once the “situation gets back to normal.”  He was hopeful that face to face training sessions will be implemented in early 2021.

“Our servicing staff and managers are still contactable and reachable despite the current situation – its business as usual in Cambodia Re while we observe social distancing,” he said. 

Cambodia Re’s Mr Ty Atith  (Operations Director) andMs Soromneath Chou (Business Development Manager) who organized the logistics for this learning session commented that the audience were seen very receptive and asked many questions during the training session.

“We found the participants were very interested and the session continued beyond the allocated time line each day,” they said. “It was a good and effective learning.”

A few interesting quotes collated from the participants after the two day session:

Thanks to Cambodia Re for arranging this interesting session virtually with the facilitator from Singapore – Mr Bunhay Heang – Philip General Insurance (Cambodia) PLC.

Appreciate the efforts of  Cambodia Re to use an experienced trainer who shared relevant key points  during this two day session – Mr Ratana Inn – Dara Insurance Cambodia.

We found the technique of presentation using the Zoom features very effective; Thanks to Cambodia Re – Mr Vibol – Campu Lonpac Cambodia.

    The technical knowledge and presentation skills of Pooba as the Facilitator deserves commendation. Well done to Cambodia for hosting this session – Mr Munh Pisal – Etiqa Cambodia.

Mr Huy is his closing remarks,  summed up his views on this successful event by saying, “Cambodia Re was happy to host this event. The collaboration shown by the participants, our team and the Talent Asia facilitator during this two day virtual learning deserves a job well done all round.”

For further information, please contact:

Ms Soromneath Chou – Business Development Manager

Cambodian Reinsurance Company – “Cambodia Re’ 
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA 
Office Tel:         +855 23 880 222, Fax: +855 23 986 516

Hand Phone:      +855 97 5799955 

Mr Pooba Mahalingam  –   Director/ Trainer

Talent Asia Training  & Consulting, Singapore

Contact number  + 65 8198 3701    

9.11.2020 – Photo shots are attached below.

Mr Vatharo Huy – Managing Director – Cambodia Re.

Mr Ty Atith – Operations Director – Cambodia Re.

The audience at Cambodia Re office premises on Day One. (Pooba on the top row – right)

Thumbs up after the exciting class on Day Two.(Pooba in top row – left)

Another shot – happy participants (Day Two).

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