Third Party Car and Two wheeler Insurance – What is covered and other details

Third party Car and Two wheeler insurance

Motor insurance, be for vehicle of any category like private car, two wheeler or commercial vehicle has basically two sections providing the insurance coverage, first the own damage section and second is the third party (TP) liability section. In a comprehensive motor insurance policy both of these two sections will be covered along with some … Read more

Reasons we should renew Two Wheeler insurance immediately


Two wheeler vehicles are considered in Indian homes just like another family member. It provides us ease and convenience to travel freely and cherish the city rides. For youngsters, their bikes and scooters are much more than a vehicle, it relates to their style and personality and considered to be their best friends without which … Read more

Disruption in Motor Insurance in India – All you need to know


Disruption literally means an interruption or problem that impedes or blocks an event, activity or process. Without a remedy or to surmount the disruption there is no way forward. There has been a usual negative connotation attached to this word but with the book “The innovator’s dilemma” written, the word disruption was started using positively … Read more