SBI investment plans

SBI Investment Plans

State Bank of India Investment Plans Investment benefits are manifold and it cannot be exaggerated. To just present a fair idea to the reader some of the benefits of investment is mentioned in the opening paragraph. Continuous investment and starting early helps an individual grow Wealth and increase their net-worth. Investing wisely and as per … Read more

Section 16 of Income Tax Act


Income tax act (IT act) 1961 is a comprehensive act and it presents a detailed structure and basis regarding the tax treatment of individuals and corporations operating in any part of our large country. After independence, it was quite an essential act to be enacted and implemented by the government as the revenue collected by … Read more

Micro Insurance and its Penetration in India

Corps Collected Together

Almost 80% of Indian population suffers due to lack of insurance awareness, though Insurance industry is considered to be sunrise industry for India. There are several reasons for low insurance penetration; one among it is lack of skilled work force. Since privatization of Insurance in 2000, industry has shown great promise. According to the experts, … Read more

National Pension Scheme (NPS) – Pros and Cons


Pension facility is one of the major support for daily needs and expenses of the elderly after retirement. But unfortunately, a large chunk of people employed in private jobs do not have any access to employer provided pension facility. Even government jobs are also doing away with pension schemes. In this scenario it becomes imperative … Read more