Things to know about Health Insurance covers offered by Life Insurance Companies

All of us realize the importance of being covered under a life insurance policy. In the case of untimely death of the primary bread earner of the family how a death benefit under term insurance can save the dependants from a financial depression, we need not reiterate this fact. Life insurance companies also come up … Read more

Term insurance for Senior Citizens –How to purchase online term insurance for Senior Citizens


Very often this happens that people don’t realize the importance of purchasing insurance in the golden days of youth. At this age some kind of thinking often comes to the mind of generally every young people that as I am perfectly healthy now and as in current situation everything is going fine with me buying … Read more

Why Women need Life Insurance

Life Insurance for women

Our constitution guarantees equality to all its citizens irrespective of caste, financial status, colour or gender. Since independence it has been one of the prime agendas of the governments in power to promote the right to equality granted by the constitution in every part of the society and country. The current government has also come … Read more

What is a money back insurance plan? What are accrued and terminal bonuses and how are they calculated?


Money back insurance plan is a form of life insurance which is quite popular and it addresses some of the liquidity drawbacks of a traditional life insurance products. It is the one which pays back a specific percentage of sum insured at specified fixed intervals within the policy period. It includes a death benefit and … Read more

How to become a LIC development officer. Updated details one should know


LIC Development officers are Class II officers who are recruited by the divisional office of Life insurance corporation of India through conducting an entrance examination and personal interview. Unlike LIC agents which is a commission-based temporary job development officer is a permanent job with salary and incentives. As life insurance corporation of India is a … Read more