Children Insurance Plans

Children Insurance Plans

Welcoming a new family member is a matter of immense joy but at the same time it brings in a whole new world of responsibilities for parents. In these times of high inflation and limited income options available, planning the financial future becomes very important especially when high expenses like child’s education and marriage is … Read more

Evolving the Insurance product range to better address customer needs

evolving insurance products

Insurance products are more or less same across insurers, the same is truer for non-life insurers but true for life insurers as well. We will give a reasoning supporting the argument, if any one of us have the experience of comparing insurance products on the websites of different insurers or a web aggregator, we pretty … Read more

Insurance for Doctors


Indemnity Insurance for Medical Professionals. Physicians/Surgeons. Nowadays the level of customer awareness in India has increased manifold and the legal environment which supports customer grievances and is consumer friendly is proceeding to the next level. We all know that the laws governing consumer disputes are pretty strong in developed countries like the United States and … Read more

What are sachet insurance products? A complete analysis of such products in online Indian Market

Sachet Products

Sachet insurance products also known as bite sized insurance product are low ticket size, small premium, simple, digital based insurance products. These products are slowly gaining popularity in the current Indian market and the regulator IRDAI is also planning to give licences to small players and intermediaries to promote such low -ticket size retail insurance. … Read more