Health Insurance for Women – Things to consider before purchasing

Women health insurance

Factors to consider before purchasing a Women health insurance plan Status of women has changed profoundly in the society with many of them joining the workforce over the last few decades. There is an increasing awareness in the society to secure the future of a girl child and older women with the government also coming … Read more

How to claim Tax rebate for Health Insurance Policy

Tax rebate on health insurance policy

Everyone knows that in these times of growing medical inflation and rising health care costs, how much a health insurance policy is necessary covering each and every member of our family under its protection umbrella. The cost of even one event of hospitalization for any family member can wipe out the hard-earned saving of many … Read more

Wellness Benefits in Health Insurance

Wellness in Health Insurance

Rise in lifestyle diseases has made health insurance necessary for every individual. But does the health insurance policy suffice the worries of the individuals who are exposed to various risks in every walk of their life? Health insurance plays its role in an unfortunate event when hospitalization is needed, but what are the services which … Read more

Standard Health Policy across Insurance Industry in India

IRDAI since long has been examining on the concept of plain vanilla health insurance product uniform to all General Insurance Companies & Standalone Health Insurance Companies. Authority has now come up with Standardization of individual Health Insurance product easily comparable which is presently not possible as almost more than 100 Health Insurance products are offered … Read more

Why Health Insurance Premium is gender based?


Health insurance has seen a decent growth in the last decade in India. Considering various factors about future uncertainties and high healthcare inflation it is now considered important by an average Indian family and more and more people are opting for health insurance products. Insurance being a financial tool, its increasing awareness and demand have … Read more

Why is Group Health Policy required? What is the advantage of a Group Health Policy?


Health is wealth. And almost every corporate business understands this simple old saying. This understanding reflects in their action of providing a group health insurance policy for its employees. In India, this has now become a very popular benefit that an employer provides to their employees. A group health insurance product provides more or less … Read more